Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keeping Busy

So now that the wedding's over, we've returned our attention to the daycare. We have not been able to get access to the business website which chaps my hide. Personally I think we should deduct from our monthly business payment, the money we spent on business cards and t shirts that I put this address on.
For now I've updated the blog in lieu of an actual website. So if you want to see what we do with the puppies all day, be sure to check it out.

Update: I just heard from the gal who did the website and it looks like we are ready to pop now. I don't understand all the computer talk but Mike does which is all that matters. So we should be able to start re-doing the website soon!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

dog dog dog dog dog dog. Dogdog, doggie doggie dog puppy puppy bow wow wow arf, arf arf. woof woof ruff, woof woof.

Love Stacey