Friday, October 07, 2011

Kitchen demo

The first weekend, the upper cabinets were down and off to Habitat for Humanity.
The lesson here-don't give only half of your cabinets to charity. They weren't too pleased with the idea of waiting for the base cabinets. HfH wants all of the cabinets at the same time.
We just weren't able to pull out everything or get it all over to them at once.

The next weekend, I got the paint mostly done. This is the second color. The first was a grey that made me very unhappy so I went with my backup color; light blue. Much easier to paint the room without the cabinets.

We got 2 new cabinets up on the wall. We are living out of that red tub until we can get the pantry in. It's not completely primitive though. That's mac n cheese on the stovetop.