Monday, October 17, 2011

Pretty cabinets all in a row.

For the new kitchen, I wanted a lot of space between the counter and the wall cabinet, so I chose the Akurum horizontal model. My plan was to have a shelf underneath the cabinet for my pretty dishes. I've always liked open shelves and have been accumulating nicer dishes for this reason.
In order to accommodate my storage needs and fit the space, I mixed 3 of these horizontal cabinets with the microwave cabinet and the tall pantry. You are given a handy long strip of wall bracket for your cabinets to hang from. However, for some unknown reason different cabinets have the holes at different heights. The 3 vertical ones all went up together nicely, but we had to cut the bracket and lower it for the microwave cabinet. Same for the pantry. The bracket is easy to cut, but some care had to be used since you want to screw the it into a stud.
Also you can see we had to cut the cabinet to accommodate the stove vent. (These vents will prove to be pesky as you will see with the sink install.) The cabinet was easy to cut, so not much of a problem there. The stove ended up moving over a few inches, so we went with flexy pipe instead of moving the vent over as well.