Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Domsjo- uh oh.

We decided to go with the Domsjo farmhouse sink. This sink fits with the Akurum sink base, but you won't use the cross bars that come with the cabinet assembly. Since the Domsjo sink is so deep, it comes with metal cross bars that are installed lower than the wooden ones.
We didn't realize this when we assembled our cabinets first. The husband had attached this cabinet to one next to it and the wall before opening up the sink. We had to cut the wooden cross pieces out in order to install the metal ones.
The next issue was the space for the pipes. Since this sink sits lower, you only have 23"of height for the pipes. The old vent went into the wall too high for the new sink and we thought we might have to put all of that black pipe into the wall. Luckily the home store had a vent termination piece that fit.
So the lesson we have been learning is,"yes it saved a lot of time to assemble all of the cabinets first." However, it would have been very helpful to open the accessory pieces for each cabinet as well.
I do love this sink and am glad we went with this one instead of another stainless steel sink. This is the smaller size, but it still has a huge bowl. So I have more sink volume now than I had with the old double sink.