Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Cure

Well, I got Assignment #9- Create a landing strip, done. This was one of the final touches on the kitchen re-do.
The Trones shoe storage has saved us from much frustration, as the boys' shoes, hats and gloves go into the drawers instead of the floor. Also, the top makes a nice little landing strip for keys, glasses and mail. I am still in love with our solar system coat rack.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Cure

Assignment #7 for the weekend is cleaning the kitchen. It is now Sunday and I doubt the kitchen is getting the deep cleaning required. I have cleaned out expired food and unused cookware, so there's that. There's just no time to do all of this weekend's requirements.
I unknowingly did Assignment #6 by hanging up some photos and art in my attempt to clear out the office closet. As for Assignment #5, Crossing something off your project list, I can cross off Organizing the kid's closet and toys. So there's something done.

Monday, January 06, 2014

January Cure

So today is assignment #3- 10 mindful minutes. The object is to spend some time focusing on a problematic area. Mine would definitely be the living/dining room. I have always wanted to remove the dividing wall with the large cut out to create one large room. But since that will be a large project that we are not ready to tackle, I need to make the space work somehow. Right now, the placement of the sofa really helps the wall cut the rooms into 2 areas. Whenever I entertain, I move the sofa to the wall which really opens up the space. However, it's difficult to see the tv, so it's not very functional.
I need to ask the hubby if it would be crazy to put the tv on the unwanted wall below the cut out. That would allow me to keep the sofa on the wall as well as lower the tv to a more easy viewing level. ( I had him hang it up high so it wold be level with the windows)
That still leaves the "dining room." I don't really want a dining room table as it wouldn't work when we do get around to knocking down that wall. I want an eating area, but something that could go against a wall and come out for entertaining. I was thinking about a desk which would have a narrow profile and could work for family dining or buffet entertaining.

Or there's something like this that could also double as a workspace/dining space. The cubbies would look kind of cool with some of my serving ware and glasses in them.
Something to think about.

Friday, January 03, 2014


Ok it's time for new year's resolutions so, I decided to do the Apartment Therapy January Cure
First assignment is Make a Project List. So room by room I made a list of things I want to get done.
Porches- organize toys and shoes, paint steps and floors, build gates, make ramp into yard
Kitchen- touch up painting
Living Room- reupholster sofa and chairs
Dining Room- figure out use for space
Office- organize closet
Bathroom- redo floor, paint, and tile
Bedroom- organize closet
Kid's room- get toys organized. organize closet
We just got back from vacation so I'm working on Assignments 1 and 2 this weekend. Luckily hubby and I did a bit of #2 already by vacuuming the rugs. I'm looking forward to shopping for flowers.