Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vogue V7862

This is a great bike bag. it has wide, comfortable straps with zippered pockets in them, perfect for an ipod. the only change i made was to convert it to a top opening purse. originally it had only the front vertical zipper to get inside the purse. i could just see everything spilling out while digging around sideways looking for something. instead, i cut an extra back lining and sewed a seam across the bottom to keep stuff in the front pocket from sliding around inside the lining. much more functional with easy top access and a front exterior pocket.

Denyse Schmidt pt deux

here's another project from denyse schmidt's book. this one was really easy to make since it isn't lined. my only suggestioon would be to use needles made for vinyl since my machine would skip a few stitches.

Last year, i got an itch to make a bunch of purses that unfortunately didn't sell anywhere. i really like the felt purse as it is easy to make; no hemming. The 2 with the circles are inspired by jay mccarroll from project runway and the third with the flower is from a book entitled "Making Handbags"