Tuesday, July 17, 2007


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we've been keeping busy with remodeling the house this summer. is it remodeling or redecorating? we're still waiting for the stair flooring to come in but we did get baseboards which we'll cut and paint this week. we also picked out tile for this bathroom, the kitchen and a little hallway. the original idea was for all three of these areas to be the same tile and the same wall color (blue). my reasoning was that the hardwood areas are the same sand color, and since you can sorta see everything at once on the first floor, this would tie everything in together.
once at the tile store though, plans changed. we found beautiful natural stone that we wanted to use somehow. mike was also liking the black stone but i felt it would make the kitchen and the little hallway too dark. (they're already pretty dark to begin with). so we decided to give the little bathroom a black granite floor with 3 of the pricey black pearl onyx tiles to punch it up.
this bathroom has already had a couple of transformations as i see more ideas on decorating blogs. i wanted a bit more fancy elegance instead of all the mexican fish i had before. we got a beautiful chandelier that looks like water drops and i cleaned out some of the clutter. i also found these 2 peacock embroidered pictures at goodwill which i thought was cool since peacocks are really hot right now.
well now the thought is "if you're gonna do a bathroom remodel, why not do a bathroom remodel?" so we've been looking at new sinks and toilets. which means that we would need more tile since we would be taking out his huge sink cabinet and putting in something smaller and nicer.