Saturday, May 21, 2011

Creative Repair

So the last Creative Repair was applique. This one is stenciling. Aside from worn spots in clothing, I also find mysterious stains on them. I mean really, I don't remember spilling that much. You'd think no one would let me out in public if I was such a sloppy eater.

So for those weird mystery stains, I turn to stencils. These are a great and creative way to hide the fact that you are messy. Who's to say you didn't buy your pants that way huh?

Any stencil will work. I found a great book called Stencil 101 by Ed Roth. Tulip fabric paint has worked for me with great success. Just follow the directions on the bottle. Using a spray adhesive on the stencil keeps the paint from bleeding underneath and don't forget to heat set it with an iron after the paint is dry. No problems in the wash.

The nice thing is you can add more stencils as more stains appear. I think I'll try different colors till I achieve that graffiti look.