Monday, January 28, 2013

It's the little things...

Well this is embarrassing. One year to the day since the last post.  We just got caught up with other things. We were also waiting for a friend to help with the tile. I can't believe what a difference the tile has made. It looks like we have a kitchen re-do now.
I have also been sitting on those Ikea Asker containers for a year and a half. So long that they don't even sell them anymore.

This project was all my procrastinating. I wanted a coat rack on this wall by the door and a friend suggested a solar system to go with our spacey kitchen. I found the Earth knob at a craft store and was sold on the idea. I drew the lines on the wall using this method

I could only find eight knobs that looked like planets. I was going to go against Neil Degrasse Tyson and include Pluto, but it seems it was not in the stars for me.