Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Space

So here I am at daycare, alone. Mike is at his last day of work and Mel is at her 2nd. One of our dogs won't stop barking and I am getting ready to watch more Mad Men before falling asleep in my chair.
Ahh the life!

So I've been trying to work on MySpace and I am not having fun. I can't figure all the ins and outs to get anything done on it. So I guess what you see is what you get till I get my copy of "MySpace for Dummies"

I am entering 'freak out' stage with regards to wedding plans. I wanted the invitations in the mail already but they came in at the beginning of the month with a glaring typo. I didn't rush the reprint because the print shop's turnaround has been a week. Well we're entering week 2 and I am getting more and more cheesed off with each passing day. I figured I'd be getting them out early since every wedding invitation I've received was a month out. Now it looks like mine will be close to that. So if you're reading this, it's a good possibility you will be invited so "Save the Date: Friday, October 3, 2008"

Other wedding plans are going well even though I had hoped to have more locked and loaded. I still need to order the reception ware. No paper plates for my friends! We need to get Mike's suit and Mel's dress. I need to order flowers. Sheesh, what have I gotten done?

Oh well, now I'm off to watch the rest of season one of Mad Men. A fabulous show that I highly recommend.