Monday, June 02, 2008

doggie daycare owner

well we did it! today was our first official day of doggie daycare ownership. we rolled out of bed at 5am to be in Wheat Ridge by 6:30. we had to do some opening stuff like fill water bowls and empty the poop can. we had 9 paying customers today but 16 dogs total. i gotta say that doggie daycaring is pretty easy. i wasn't bored but i felt that i could have multi-tasked and better utilized my time. i could have had a tv cos watching dogs play is pretty easy. pick up when they poop and break up any humping. we have a big project right out of the gate though. we need to run plumbing out to the garage so we can have the groomer out there and not in the master bedroom. sam is going to do some major planting on the property and we even get water rights to the little creek (irrigation ditch).
i think we made the right decision, i will just like it better when i have some tasks to accomplish.


Stacey said...

Yippie yahoo!!!!!!!!

I am so excited for you guys. Where in Wheatridge is the place?

I wish I was out there to help out with stuff.

love you

trish said...

I-70 at ward and 44th. sam and tyrone will be out on thursday to start with planting!

I Can't Keep Up said...


Shawn Marie said...

Sounds fantastic! I am soooo pleased for you. How is it going now about a month later?