Tuesday, May 20, 2008

sorry for the delay

may has been a crazy, busy month. the daycare plans are moving forward and we are closing on the 30th. i feel nervous sometimes about this new venture but excited as well. i think we will both be much happier with work and feel that everything we do is improving our lives.
the library has been keeping me busy for my last few weeks. a new fresh city life series started and i've been sneaking over there to help out. we did a huge exhibit of cowboy boots and clothing and last weekend was the big hodown. check out the pictures at
or here's a shortcut to the westword slide show of the exhibit
i'm still fixing up the house and trying to get rid of some things since we will be selling it in the fall. and speaking of the fall, wedding plans are going well. i think i am really staying on top of things. i'll be heading over to jenna's this week to work on the invites. sam is coming over to help me plant wedding flowers in the garden.
so, that's it for now. i'll post more after closing.

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Stacey said...

I feel so very far away right now... the exhibit looks great. Is there anything I can help with for the wedding form here?