Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wedding update

this space is only $300 but only holds 100. you do get 2 smaller rooms along with the school cafeternasuim space (nice stage), bathrooms and a kitchen. there's a bit of lawn too. it shares space with a library so the public uses the same front door to get to the library upstairs, but only from 8-noon. kinda cute bit since i work at a library and my former library boss hooked us up. it has much more availability than the farm so we could go back to a saturday wedding. another plus, since it's cheaper, we can splurge in other areas. downside, fewer people can fit. it's not as close to the house as the barn, but still within an easy distance.
i think the country farm theme would work here as well just not as hoedown-y as with the barn. maybe this could be more of a eastern seaboard theme only neither of us have been to the eastern seaboard. don't worry, i have no shortages of theme ideas.


Stacey said...

they both look good, but the idea of having "poor" lost drunk atendees wandering aimlessly through the corn maze makes me laugh.

Shawn Marie said...

This one is beautiful and quaint and more contained and seems to offer a more traditional and in place base theme- if you catch my draft. And if you do- tell me because I just lost myself! Can you do everything you want to do there is the big question. Do you want a smaller all in one place wedding? (Our wedding had about 60 people there all told- if that helps give you an idea.)I think they are both great ideas. And again I am here to help in any way you would like.

Melanie said...

I can't stop laughing at what Stacey said long enough to put together a cogent thought. What great entertainment the corn maze would be! Have to get back to you on this one.

Anonymous said...

They both have a nice, rural look to them, which seems to fit with your theme. I guess the deciding factor would be how much you'll need to do on-site that you need provisions for.

Some place to dress and stow things should be a consideration, since you probably won't want to drive to the spot and do all the early prep in your dresses and tuxes, or carry your bags down the aisle with you.

The benefit of such a rustic theme is that you could very easily do grilled foods instead of the typical chicken/fish/veg fare offered by most caterers for weddings, and there's very little (aside from baking) that you couldn't do on a grill with a few pots and pans and lots of coals. Since a wedding cake is usually done by a baker anyway, you can actually get deals if you have them do any other baking for you as well.. and of course, some store easily.

I love either site, so just try and picture the day itself, and what you'll really need to suit your needs that you can't supply yourself.

I'm so happy for you. You deserve a great, great day!