Wednesday, February 06, 2008

new pup art

mike and i are going to open a doggie day care since we both love dogs and are unhappy in our current jobs. as well as the day care, we want to have a shop of sorts. besides dog food, toys and accessories, i want to sell my dog paintings. i started doing some different breeds and have been playing with my painting style as well. they will still be in bright colors and larger scale since that is what i like to do. if these turn out well, i think i'd like to try to sell prints of the original paintings. these recent pups are from a book called "97 ways to make your dog smile"

i hope that isn't some kind of copyright infringement if i sell the paintings. hmmm i'll look into that. anyway i love how these dogs are all smiling with big happy faces.

so, i'll be posting paintings as i finish them and more on the doggie day care as events unfold.

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