Thursday, December 27, 2007

another snowy day

As you can see out the window, we had another snow day. Since I couldn't go anywhere, I took advantage of the time to do some more sewing projects. I'm sending Stacey 4 shopping bags, 2 hats and a bunch of cup sleeves.

I'm hoping that this year won't be like last year with snow every week and no melting in between. I'm tired of shoveling.


Stacey said...

did I forget to tell you how much you rock? Can't wait to see you... when are you thinking about visiting?

trish said...

i'm thinking about coming out in the summer. we have to go to south dakota in may for mike's sister's wedding so i need to see how much vacation i'll have after that. i also want sam to come too so i need to see what works for him. i'm trying to send you your box, but every time i think i'm ready, i make more stuff.